International Certificate of Excellence (ICE)

The International Certificate of Excellence (ICE) issued by CBI of Miami is an assurance of quality for parents, educators and health professionals all over the world. The ICE offers to parents and caregivers the opportunity to acquire the essential knowledge to help your child or adolescent in the autism spectrum disorder.


To obtain certification, the professional must have participated in at least 70% of the training and do the activities that are passed along the course. All this can be done from home.


CBI of Miami has a multinational teaching methodology inspired by American and European universities, which ensures that the students really learn the most from each module.

On each module there is a work cycle that optimizes the memorization, both long and short-term, of the content.

First stage: video lessons

The first stage of each module consists on recorded classes with experts. Students have two weeks to watch the videos. In this phase, the focus is on the short term memory.

Second stage: Articles, cases and further reading

The second stage is the application of the theory learned beforehand. Students receive articles, real cases and readings that tell how theory is applied in many cases. In this part of the course, the knowledge begins to be transfered from the short term memory to the long term memory.

Third stage: Hangout

All the courses have 4 live Hangouts with the experts, where they clarify doubts, raise questions, and chat with the class.

Fourth stage: Evaluation

Finally, the evaluation happens. In this stage, the students take a basic test to check to what extent the knowledge is retained in their long-term memory.

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