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Coding and Computer Science

Sold out
From U$ 1,200

For U$ 600*
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Coding and Computer Science
- The course has 4 live meetings

- Dates: CLOSED

- 100% online

- 15 students per class

- The student will receive one digital certificate of completion from Harvard Student Agencies and one digital certificate of completion for the Power BI for Data Analysis course from BBI of Chicago
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The Coding and Computer Science is a intensive introduction to the enterprise of computer science through the lens of programming in Python. In addition to the overarching themes of abstraction and algorithmic thinking, students will learn fundamental building blocks of procedural programming including variables, conditions, loops, functions, and file input/output.


By the end of this course, you will be able to further study all that can be accomplished with Python or bootstrap yourself into learning another language; empowering you to become a life-long student of computer science!

Our curriculum, designed by Harvard students concentrating in computer science, is geared towards teaching new leaders of the 21st century the fundamentals of coding.

The Young Leaders training program also includes BBI of Chicago’s best selling online course: Power BI for Data Analysis.


  • DAY 1

Introductions & Icebreakers
Week Overview & Skill Level Analysis
Fundamentals of Computer Science Lecture
Python Basics Lecture & Introduction to Strings
Problem Set: Faces
Creating Dynamic Programs Lecture & Introduction to Only/While Loops 
Problem Set: Fahrenheit, Conversion, Hours, Mad Libs

  • DAY 2

Introduction to For Loops
Problem Set: Mario
Data Structures Lecture: Functions & Lists
Problem Set: Quidditch & Lister
Data Structure Lecture (cont'd): Indexing Strings
Problem Set: Initials

  • DAY 3

Topic Review
Problem Set: Counting, Reverse, & Decreasing
Data Structures Lecture (cont'd): String Manipulations & Methods
Problem Set: Caesar 


  • DAY 4

Data Structures Lecture (cont'd): Sets, Dictionaries, & Nested Lists
Problem Set: Zip & Unzip
Game Time
Harvard Q&A

Coding and Computer Science

Sold out
Coding and Computer Science.jpg
From U$ 1,200

For U$ 600*
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