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Fort Lauderdale
Broward College
Fort Lauderdale - Flórida

In 2020 we had CBI´s III International Conference. For the first time, CBI held the international encounter on it´s original State: Florida. It was the largest face-to-face event in Autism, ever hold by CBI of Miami, with the participation of 10 distinguished specialists.

The conference took place in the mordern tecnologycal building Willis Holcombe Center, inf Fort Lauderdale. The imponent buinlding is a partnership between Broward College and Florida Antlantic University, wich together form the College education complex of East Las Olas Boulevard.

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San Diego
University of California San Diego
San Diego - USA

2019 has been one of the most important years for CBI of Miami. After our event in Harvard, we held the II International Conferences of CBI of Miami with Muotri Lab in San Diego/La Jolla, California.

The event was a partnership between CBI of Miami and the Muotri Lab, laboratory of the University of California, headed by the the brasilian researcher Dr. Alysson Muotri, professor and researcher at University of California in San Diego (UCSD), and also diretor of the UCSD Stem Cell Program, in the United States.

Muotri Lab uses stem cells and many other molecular tools to investigate the fundamental mechanism of brain development and behavial conditions like the autism spectrum disorder.

Dr. Gustavo Teixeira, executive diretor of CBI of Miami in Unitade State, went directly from Miami, Florida, to team up with Dr. Alysson Muotri and other distinguished specialists to bring the most recente pratical strategies for the treatment of the autismo spectrum disorder.

Adressing topics such as “The importance of the Continuing Education in the XXI century”. “Creation of ITP – Individual Treatment Plan and practical parental strategies.” “From genetics to mini-brains: seeking the reversal of autism”, among others!


Harvard University
Boston - USA

When we think about renowned universities, we Always think about Harvard and, in 2019 we got there, fulfilling a dream as educators, with the I International Conferences of CBI of Miami.

Held at the modern and imposing building of Havard Faculty Club, located on the campus of Havard University in Cambridge, Massachussetts, our event was attended by Gus Teixeira – MD. M.Ed., Alysson Muotri – Ph.D., Ana Ornelas – Ph.D. and Fernanda Rocha, a Strong team for na event that brought the latest studies about autism.


With the lectures: “The importance of the Continuing Education in the XXI century”, “Psychoeducation and Enrichment of the Environment in Autism”, “Training in Social Skills in Autism”, “Groups of parentings of children with the autistic spectrum”, “The future of treatment of autism”, and “Updates on ABA and Denver Model for Early Intervention”, we brought to our audience the most modern studies in the area, living up to the place – Harvard – one of the temples of knowledge spread around the world.

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Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias
Lisbon - Portugal

In 2018, with the goal of providing more face-to-face experiences to our students, we held the CBI Miami Face-to-face Symposium in Lisbon at the Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies and Upon Lisbon Prime Residences. We brought our team of specialists together with Dr. Renata Costa Mendonça, Dr. Gustavo Teixeira and our team from Portugal, Mariana Fenta and Mara Brito.


The event talked about the practical strategies in autism with thematic lectures on "Autism: Warning signs at school and the creation of the Individual Treatment Plan", "Mapping the autistic brain: executive functions and learning", "Speech therapy intervention in autism "," The challenges of teachers today, a question of empowerment" and "Practical strategies for action in the classroom ".

Events 2.jpg


Business Center - Mario Henrique Simonsen
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
In 2017, we fulfill our desire to do face-to-face events with the I CBI of Miami Face-to-Face Symposium in Brazil. Headquartered at the Mário Henrique Simonsen Business Center in Barra da Tijuca, we gathered our dream team with Dr. Gustavo Teixeira and other professionals specialized in education, neuroscience and health.

The central theme of the event was Learning Neuroscience dealing with subjects such as emotion, motivation, attention, brain plasticity and memory, issues addressed by great psychology theorists, such as Piaget, Vygotsky, Wallon and Ausubel.

We hold international and national conferences, round tables, debates, questions and answers, among others, with total immersion to our guests in everything from the most recent education and child behavior today. The event was a success and from now on our desire to bring more knowledge and information to our audience in the face-to-face environment only grew.

Rio de Janeiro
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