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Politics and International Relations

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Politics and International Relations
- The course has 4 live meetings

- Dates: Sold out

- 100% online

- 15 students per class

- The student will receive one digital certificate of completion from Harvard Student Agencies and one digital certificate of completion for the Power BI for Data Analysis course from BBI of Chicago
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The Politics Academy will cover topics like Policy-Making, Elections, International Relations, and Political Theory. This program will enrich your understanding of the political process, domestic and foreign policy-making, and normative questions in political theory while developing your research and communication skills. 


The goal is for students to learn how political scientists address the important issues of our time and how public officials implement policy in response. Students will leave this program with a unified and challenging intellectual experience in the study of politics and will have the tools to create their own policy solutions to difficult problems.

The course will introduce students to key concepts in politics, government and international relations. You will study a broad array of areas within the realm of politics including, law, urban-planning, government structure and public policy. 

You will be challenged to ask and find answers to some of the most difficult political questions of our time. Is democracy really the best political system? How do we come up with the “best” macroeconomic policy?  How do you run a successful campaign? The most important takeaway will be a thorough understanding of the complexities that surround political power and public administration and a grasp on how one goes about navigating it.

The Young Leaders training program also includes BBI of Chicago’s best selling online course: Public Speaking and Influence. 


  • DAY 1

Introductions & Icebreakers
Week Overview & Policy Pitch Introduction
Lesson 1: Introduction to the US Government
Worksheet Activity
Policy Pitch Group Assignments, Brainstorm, & Selection
Lesson 2: Campaigns & Elections Overview
Election & Campaign Considerations Activity 

  • DAY 2

Lesson 3: Campaign Considerations
BYO Campaign Platform Activity
Group Work: Underlying Causes & Identification of the Problem
Hot Topics in US Politics & the 2020 Election (Platforms & Debates)
Activity: Debate

  • DAY 3

Lesson 4: International Relations
IR Game Theory Activity
Sample Policy Presentation & Analysis
Group Work: Solutions to the Problem
Activity: Write an OP-ED 


  • DAY 4

Student Presentations
Activity: Asserting & Defending Your Position
Harvard Q&A

Politics and International Relations

Dates: August 20, 21, 27 and 28
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From U$ 1,200

For U$ 600*
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